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Christian Counseling

All services are free

Alicia is a certified Christian Counselor from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. She also has her Doctorate from Eastern KY University. 

Friends--God loves us so very much! I want to share that love with YOU.


This life can be so very hard--and if we are honest, we spend so much time taking care of everyone and everything around us that we often neglect ourselves. And that can leave us feeling all kinds of ways! ❤️

The goal of Christian Counseling is to help strengthen your relationship with God so your other relationships can flourish. You might be looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or are ready to take steps in a new direction. The first thing we'll do is listen without judgment. Then, we'll walk alongside of you on your journey. Together we will create solutions and new possibilities that will help you reach your goals. 


Christian counseling is not like a typical "counseling" session. We can meet for coffee and conversation, Bible study, or be a bit more formal if you prefer.  IN-PERSON appointments and VIRTUAL appointments both available


My husband and I are available for marriage and family counseling as well. We have a passion and heart to see others grow and thrive for Christ. All services are free. Contact me today to set up a meeting. 

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