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Habits of Grace, by David Mathis

I just finished Habits of Grace by David Mathis.

I really enjoyed this book's straightforward simplicity. David Mathis narrowed all the habits or spiritual disciplines (prayer, bible reading, meditation..those things) into just three means of grace and made me feel like I could actually incorporate them into my life. Many times and many books can make these spiritual disciplines seem overwhelming. Mathis says, “My prayer is that you will not come away exasperated, and that you simply don’t have time to put into practice all that this book commends. Rather, you will see how realistic and life-giving it can be to integrate God’s means of grace into daily habits of life.”

And that’s what I found--practical ideas to place myself in the path of God’s grace. I left with fresh ideas to develop new and strengthen other habits in these areas of my spiritual walk:
Reading God’s Word

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